Matt Moore is the author of Touch the Sky, Embrace the Dark. A four-time Aurora Award finalist, his short stories, poems and columns and have appeared in On SpecLeading EdgeAE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, Jamais Vu, The Drabblecast, and more.

Beyond writing, he is the Co-Chair of the Ottawa Chiaroscuro Reading Series (ChiSeries), a quarterly, professional reading series, and Communications Director for ChiZine Publications, an independent publisher of dark fiction located in Toronto.

Upcoming Publications

  • “A Shame That Binds Our Hearts, Binds Our Fate”: On Spec

Recent Publications

  • “As Below, So Above”: Second Contacts (Bundoran)
  • “One Last Drop Of Blood To Remember Me By”: Eulogies III (HW Press)

Upcoming Appearances

Ad Astra 2016
Apr. 29 – May 1, 2016
Toronto, ON

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