Table of Contents for Leading Edge #62 – Pre-order now

Cover for issue #62 of Leading Edge Magazine

I’m pleased to present the table of contents for issue #62 of Leading Edge Magazine, which will include my near-future SF environmental thriller  “In the Shadow of Scythe”.

Issue #62 will be a limited print run for subscribers and pre-orders only, meaning once they are sold there will not be extra issues to order. So pre-order now or be forever sorry!

“In the Shadow of Scythe” by Matt Moore
“Friend, Inc.” by William Fraser
“Ferka” by Mackenzie Parker
“Duckman” by Neal Silvester
“Suume” by Elena Yazykova

“Einstein’s Brain” by E. P. Fisher
“When the Aliens Came” by Timons Esaias
“Blue-Eyed Monster” by Heather K. Sanchez

Anna Repp
Hannah Hillam
Benjamin Bronson
Jared Boggess
Adam Hanny

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