Please nominate my works for the 2019 Aurora Awards

The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association is taking nominations for the 2019 Aurora Awards. Any Canadian can nominate works. Works with the most nominations go on the final round ofvoting.

I have works eligible in four categories. Learn more about these works and how you can nominate them. Nominations close May 18.

Matt Moore is an Aurora Award-winning author, poet and columnist of horror and dark science fiction. He is also a Contributing Editor with AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review.

Upcoming and recent publications

The Sum of Us

Includes "Good-Bye Is That Time Between Now and Forever", long listed for the Sunburst Award. Find more on the Laksa Media website.

Polar Borealis #4

Contains the Aurora Award winning poem "Heaven Is The Hell Of No Choices". Download Polar Borealis #4 for free.