My short story “Silverman’s Game” has been released as an eBook by Damnation Books. A psychological horror story, there’s no monsters, supernatural villains or blood & guts gore (though there is some blood…there has to be). Instead, there’s three boys faced with an impossible choice:

When a prank goes wrong, three teenage boys are locked in the basement of a remote house by a man they know only as “Silverman”. Given a gun loaded with one bullet, their captor instructs them to play a game: Before the next morning, one of them must choose which of the other two will shoot and kill the third. Play the game and the two survivors can go free. If they don’t, all of them will die.

As morning approaches and hope of being found and rescued fades, each boy must decide if he’ll work with the others to try to escape and risk being killed, or save himself by playing Silverman’s Game.

Full price for the eBook is just $2.50, but order early to take advantage of variable pricing, where the first person to order the eBook gets it for free and the price increases by $0.25 with each order. (As of this writing, the price is $1.00.)

I’ve set up a page highlighting this eBook with excerpts and blurbs from those who’ve read it. Click the “Silverman’s Game” link in the green banner above.