HorrorNews.Net has posted a review of Night Terrors, the anthology of 31 short horror stories, which includes by short story “While Gabriel Slept.”
Overall, they say:

Creepy, macabre subject matter fills the pages of a Blood Bound Books first, Night Terrors: An Anthology of Horror edited by Theresa Dillon. Night Terrors is an anthology of 31 horror stories ranging from stories of serial killers, to monsters, to evil itself. There are stories here to satisfy anyone’s palate and quench anyone’s thirst for blood and gore.

Giving every story its own one or two sentence review, they say  of “While Gabriel Slept:”

“While Gabriel Slept” about a man who resents his cheating wife and the possible product of her affair, the baby. This story may strike a nerve with some but I found it quite refreshing that such a taboo idea be the focus of a story.

I’m thrilled that I was also finally able to get my hands on copies of the book, which look and feel great!