I’ve been invited to take part in a panel discussion this Monday, December 13, at the 3rd Social Media in Government conference, taking place in Ottawa, Ontario at the Ottawa Marriott Hotel, 100 Kent Street.
The description of the panel is:


Developing a social media utilization policy is a key part of the social media strategy, as a formal policy encourages buy-in and support among employees. This session will detail tactical considerations to take into account when drafting the policy.

    • Elements to consider when drafting the policy: accessibility, possible data security threats, bilingualism, privacy concerns
    • Keeping the policy brief to provide the organization with the flexibility it needs to deal creatively with fluid, unpredictable situations
    • Using examples rather than definitions to illustrate key terms
    • Ensuring buy-in and support from employees
    • Guidelines for employees’ use of social media and Web 2.0 technologies

More information can be found on the Federated Press website and the conference’s brochure (PDF).