With 2010 coming to a close, I’m looking ahead to 2011 and making some predictions of what’s to come. If I learned anything from my predictions for 2010, it’s that things can change a lot quicker and a lot slower than you’d think.
However, I will go out on a limb and make some predictions:

  • Dropping the “e” at the end of a word ending in “er” will be the new “i” or “e” in front of a word. It began with Flickr, then came Tumblr and Blastr. It will only get worse.
  • The .me domain will grow in popularity. With the number of clueless, selfish, it’s-all-about-me people I see, everyone will be clamouring to tell the world about me-me-me!

Unfortunately, these two trends will then combine in 2011. I have it on good authority that in 2011 we will see:

flattr.me – A social networking site for people in need of praise.

transfr.me – A job site to find new positions within the organization you work for. It will be bought out by a telephony service provider selling  switch boxes.

pestr.me – Ties events in your Outlook or Google calendar into your Gmail and social media accounts and uses these to bombards you with reminders.

GetOvr.me – A post-break up site to deal with exes who won’t leave you alone.

interprt.me – A site where artists can post their work and let others comments on what it means to them.

buggr.me – Online dating site for people who enjoy… well, you figure it out.

sheltr.me – Social networking site that matches fugitives on the run with homes where they can hole-up.

covr.me – Where people short on cash can apply for micro loans to help pay for rent money. Will be bought out to become a Bruce Springsteen fan site. It will be bought out again by a universal insurance advocacy group.

hammr.me – Big online nail store on the Web!

convrt.me – Social networking site where people can extol the virtues of their faith to those looking for a new religion.

filtr.me – Dashboard where you can enter all your social media profile updates, but it strips out profanity before posting.

considr.me – Dating site for modest people.

anothr.me – Photo sharing site that uses a face-recognition algorithms to find people who look like you.

tarandfeathr.me – For descendants of United Empire Loyalists who harbour guilt over their forebearers not siding with the American Revolution.

If I missed any sites that you’ve heard of, please post them in the comments section.
I hope 2010 has been a good year for you all, and you’ve learned something to become better commnicators. For me, I’ve learned to stop trying to predict what will happen and pay attention to what is happening and the benefits can provide to me and my organization.