2010 was a great year for me professionally:

  • Landed a permanent job after 4 years on contract
  • Was invited to speak at two professional conferences
  • Was a panelist/moderator at two SF conventions (Ad Astra and Can*Con)
  • And ChiZine Publications continues to grow in leaps and bounds with some fabulous new staff & interns

On the writing front, I am quite proud:

  • 50 submissions of stories/poems
  • 5 stories were accepted/sold during 2010:
  • My eBook, Silverman’s Game, which was accepted by Damnation Books in 2009, was published in June.

Personally, it was not such a good year. I had a personal tragedy that set me back, but also taught me the importance of friendship.
(But 2011 is looking up as I just received word that “While Gabriel Slept” has been picked up by Cast Macabre.)