I listen to The Dragon Page Cover to Cover, a great podcast about writing that talks about all angles: “the craft,” the business side of being a writer, understanding the publishing industry, etc.
They recently interviewed John Joseph Adams and I highly recommend listening to it. In it, Mr. Adams talks about editing anthologies, the difference between them and magazines, and opportunities for small press publishers. For writers who want to know what’s happening after you submit your manuscript to an open submission, it’s invaluable insight. The beginning of the podcast has a short discussion about ebook publishing that’s worthwhile if you’re thinking of self-publishing electronic versions of your stories.
You can visit the interview’s page on Dragon Page site or download the MP3 (23M).
(If you haven’t heard of him, Mr. Adams is a rising star as an editor of  genre fiction anthologies. You can learn more about him at his website: http://www.johnjosephadams.com/.)