InBoundNow has posted a quick and simple video on how to set up an iFrame app for your Facebook pages to replace FBML, which is being phased out.


  • Pulling a page you create and host into Facebook allows for a much more dynamic experience within Facebook and allows you to continue to use your programming skills rather than having to learn the Facebook API.
  • Since you are pulling in an existing page, you can code and develop on your live site without having to log into Facebook, which adds a layer of security to credentials (i.e., some people can administer Facebook, others can access the live site).
  • You don’t have to use trial-and-error with the code you enter in FBML being stripped out by the parser.


  • It adds a layer of unnecessary complexity if all you want to do is create a static page of content and images.
  • You must have a webpage to show in the iFrame. If you’re a small organization without a website or using a free service like a WordPress blog for your web presence, this is a problem.

It will be interesting to see 6 months from now it iFrames have fully replaced FBML or if we see an FBML-lite option still available.