Adam Shaftoe of Adam Shaftoe’s Page of Reviews has published a fabulous review of my short story “Full Moon Hill,” currently available on Lightning Flash Magazine (and was first published in On Spec magazine).
The whole review reads like I paid my best friend to write it, but some highlights:

With very few words, Full Moon Hill offers an airtight story that is as bio-politically disturbing as it is utterly compelling. . . . (It’s) the kind of tale that sets a benchmark between a good story and great literature.

I am floored, overwhelmed, humbled and psyched to receive such a great review. Read the full review and please leave a comment to show some love.
Adam also reviewed “Touch the Sky, They Say” (available on AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review), but was not quite as taken with this story as “Full Moon Hill.” I don’t disagree with his review, but I think the difference there was wanting a hard SF story vs. a modern fairytale (which is what I was going for).