Schedule for Ad Astra 2011

I received my schedule for Ad Astra 2011, an annual science fiction convention in Toronto, Ontario. This year, it will be taking place April 8 – 10 at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites.

Full details can be found at


11:00 AM

How to Survive Your First Convention
Salon 343
Matt Moore, Diane Lacey (m), Amanda Stock, Aaron Allston

12:00 PM

Ballr. East
Matt Moore (m), Howard Tayler, Kent Allan Rees, Rob St. Martin, Shirley Meier, Karen Wehrstein

2:00 PM

Book Trailers
Salon 443
JM Frey (m), Todd McCaffrey , Matt Moore, Lesley Livingston


10:00 AM

Reading On Screens
Ballr. Centre
Matt Moore (m), Dave Duncan, Marcy Italiano, Ryan McFadden, Aaron Allston

11:00 AM

Why Professionalism Matters
Ballr. Centre
Matt Moore (m), Scott Edelman, Howard Tayler, Ziana de Bethune, Gregory Wilson

2:00 PM

It’s the Best/Worst Time to be a Writer
Ballr. East
Matt Moore (m), Stephen Jones, Eric Flint, Ken Lillie-Paetz, Douglas Smith

3:00 PM

Face-to-Face Critique Groups
Salon 243
Matt Moore (m), Robert Boyczuk, Mike Rimar, Aaron Allston

I hope to see you there!


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