Too many memories, but went too fast.
Ad Astra 2011 is history,  but as always it was a great convention with lots of laughs and lots of great conversation. Some highlights.

  • Chicken burritos courtesy of Brett Savory in the Green Room with CZP staff & Derryl Murphy.
  • Robert Shearman meeting Michale Rowe for the first time. The humour was so dry it nearly sucked the moisture from the air.
  • The reaction to the People Live Still in Cashtown Corners trailer (which was mild to severe revulsion) during the Book Trailers panel, which also had a great discussion on the current state and future of book trailers.
  • The ChiZine Publications launch party. #Epic!
  • Saturday night and early Sunday morning (until3:30 in the morning) in the Green Room.
  • The “Why Professionalism Matters” panel went to some great places to talk about many aspects of professionalism and I think the participants gained a lot from the discussions.
  • The drive to and from Toronto with the amazing and talented Marie Bilodeau.

Now I am really looking forward to the World Horror Convention in a few weeks!