Adam Shaftoe has posted a podcast interview he did with me on his The Page of Reviews site. We’d planned on half an hour, but all told this clocks in at an hour and fifteen minutes. So, the interview is available in two downloadable MP3s. Head over to this site or you can download Part 1 and Part 2.
In our discussions, we cover:

  • My writing, including “Touch the Sky, They Say“, “Full Moon Hill” and “Silverman’s Game
  • The Prix Aurora Awards – who’s nominated, why the awards are important and is it fair that a superstar like Robert J. Sawyer is in the same category as lesser known writers trying to establish themselves. (My answer: yes, because the Canadian public put him on the ballot so he deserves to be there… though Mr. Sawyer has plenty of awards, so please give my friends Hayden Trenholm or Marie Bilodeau a chance!)
  • Conventions – Being on panels and how cons and small presses have a symbiotic relationship
  • Two—count ’em, two—Star Trek references!
  • ChiZine Publications and all its awesomeness (and read the submission guidelines before you submit!)
Many thanks to Adam for the great chat and the hour-long off-mic conversation we continued to have once it was all over.