“How do I get more Twitter followers?”
That’s the magic question isn’t it? Seeing how easy it is to follow someone on Twitter, especially with the new Follow Button, sometimes all it takes is a great tweet seen by enough people to gain a whole bunch of followers.
…Then you have to keep saying great things to keep them.
But let’s go back to a few words that you may have skimmed over: “seen by enough people.”
If you don’t have the followers in the first place, they won’t see your tweet. Sure, you can use hashtags or build your Twitter feed into your site. But to really reach a lot of eyeballs, your message needs to be retweeted by someone with a major following.
And how to you do that?
Easy: Compliment them.

A compliment will probably be retweeted

Think about it. Someone says something nice about you. Even someone not too many people know about. Even if you’re a high-profile consultant or well-known artist, you’d want to share the nice words with your followers. To tell the world “Hey, someone likes me.”
On Twitter, it’s as easy as the hitting the retweet button.
Imagine you see:

Just had good talk w/ @FamousPerson at #socialmedia conference. Great ideas & insights. I recommend her blog: bit.ly/******

and you’re @FamousPerson. Wouldn’t you retweet something like? (Especially if that conversation just happened?) If the answer is yes, then the person who tweeted that has now been seen by all of your followers.
Now imagine you’re the one who sent the tweet. Your tweet and username have been seen by more people than you could ever reach on your own. A minority of them will click over to your Twitter stream to see what you’re about and fewer still will follow you, but they’re more than you would have reached otherwise.

Some Advice

Now, before you start throwing compliments every which way, be honest in your praise of the other person. No one likes a suck-up. But if you are honest and forthright, it will shine through.