A review of a number of books, which will appear in Cemetery Dance #66, included Tesseracts Thirteen and Tesseracts Fourteen (you’ll need to scroll down), giving special mention to my stories in each anthology.
About my story in Tesseracts Thirteen, “The Weak Son,” they called it “a welcome variation on the traditional ghost story, with an Alzheimerish twist of the tail.” I couldn’t put it any better!
As for my story in Tesseracts Fourteen, they said:

Finally, three stories with dark science fictional underpinnings stand out—Matthew Moore’s “The Machinery of Government,” in which a recently promoted public official finds himself caught in the midst of an invasion of Canada by an unnamed aggressor (not the US)… Strangely, all three of these stories seem like excerpts from longer works — and in all three cases, I hope the authors do, in fact, expand on what they’ve done here.

I’m thrilled to have my name appear in Cemetery Dance in the same article with Tim Lebbon (for The Thief of Broken Toys, published by ChiZine Publications), Tony Burgess, Brent Hayward, Erik Mohr (who did the cover for Tesseracts Fourteen) and David Nickle, who also got mentions for both his stories “The Radejastians” (T13) and “Basements” (T14).