Adam Shaftoe has posted my review of Cowboys & Aliens over on his Page of Reviews website. A quick preview:

Alien exploitation of Earth’s natural resources as a metaphor for the white conquest of Native American cultures. A blending of the American Western and Science Fiction themes of utopian visions, including the sacrifices needed to achieve them. An eye-popping cinematic blend of science fiction’s wondrous visuals and the sweeping vistas of a Western.

Cowboys & Aliens is none of these things.

What is it is? A fun romp. Just don’t think too much about it.

Adam has also posted reviews of my short stories “Full Moon Hill” and “Touch the Sky, They Say” and we got together to do an interview not to long ago.
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Many thanks to Ken Berndt and The Comic Book Shoppe for the free pass that got me in to see this movie before its release!