My short and intense story “Ascension” is now up and available on AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review.
A different take on an old horror trope, it asks the question: What if an apocalyptic scenario we’ve seen 1000 times is actually something wonderful? At 700 words, it’s a fast read and I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please leave comments on the AE site.
A little sampler to get you going:

—Dear God, they’re everywhere

Limping. Can’t remember how long. Can’t think straight. This dull, distant pain in my leg. Sirens. Something’s burning?

Can’t believe

Everywhere, people are running. Streaming between cars, trying to get away. Some lurch, limbs twitching. Bodies lay still on the asphalt, bleeding. And others …


Oh god.

Others feed.

This is my second appearance in AE. They ran my Aurora-nominated short story “Touch the Sky, They Say” back in November 2010.