I’m very pleased to announce voting has started for the 2011 Prix Aurora Awards, which recognize the best in Canadian English language novels, short stories, poetry, artwork and more.
My short story “Touch the Sky, They Say” (which you can read for free by following the link) has been nominated in the Best English Short Story category. Thanks to all of you who nominated my story!
Now, I’m asking for your help again in voting for me.

How to vote in the Auroras

The Aurora Award

First, voting is open to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Next, there is a $5.50 fee to vote, which goes toward the administration of the awards and their creation.
(I hope I didn’t just lose a whole bunch of readers right there. Still with me?)
To vote, you must register on the Aurora site. Go to http://www.prixaurorawards.ca/Membership/ and click the “Become Society Member” button at the bottom of the page. Registration is free.
If you sent in a nomination for the Auroras, you are already registered. You would  have received a four digit society number when you registered. Search your inbox for an email titled “Registration Confirmation” from Aurora Awards (info@prixaurorawards.ca).
Once you have your society number, go back to http://www.prixaurorawards.ca/Membership/ and login with the number and email address you used at registration.
At the bottom of the next page, you will see a “Buy Now” button, which will take you to a page where you can pay the $5.50 fee via PayPal or credit card. Once paid, you will be taken to the ballot.
SFContario Logo

However, if you have registered for SFContario (and therefore Canvention, the event where the Auroras are presented), this fee will be waived and you will see a “Vote now!” link.

The Ballot

The ballot allows you to rank order your votes. “Touch the Sky, They Say” is the fourth option in the second section (“Best Short Fiction — English”). You enter your vote in the box next to each entry. So, please enter “1” for “Touch the Sky, They Say.” (And please consider supporting my friends Hayden Trenholm and Suzanne Church in the same category.)
Even if you liked another story more than mine, please rank “Touch the Sky, They Say” as your second or third choice. The Auroras work on an Alternate Vote System, where second and third place votes can count if the winning entry on the first ballot does not win at least 50% of the votes.
There are nine categories this year, with a number of great writers and artists. If you are fan of Canadian SFF, maybe take a look at the nominees and give their work a read. You might find some others deservi
ng of your vote.
Please note, you cannot go back to change your vote. Once you submit your ballot, that’s it.
Voting is open until October 15, 2011. 

Once I’ve voted… now what?

Once voting closes, the awards committee will tabulate the votes and announce the winner Sunday, November 20 at SFContario, a science fiction convention in Toronto from November 18–20.
I will be there and make sure to bring you the results as soon as I can.