It’s no surprise that Facebook has (once again) rolled out major changes to its Wall. And again, people are up in arms. It’s understandable—just when you figured out how everything fits together, Zuckerberg & Co. go and change it.
Now, I’m not going to talk about these changes—plenty of other posts already cover this. This post asks a simple question: Is this change a ploy by Zuckerberg to attract attention?
All summer, we’ve been gushing, criticising, exploring and opining about Google Plus. I can’t help but wonder if the crew at Palo Alto got a bit miffed at all this coverage (about what is still an unproven and fledging service) and decided they wanted the focus back on them.
So, they rolled out a major change, knowing it would provoke some backlash, but any coverage is better than being relegated to secondary status by Big G.
Zuckerberg has proven himself a smart, shrewd and cocky guy. No doubt these changes to how the Wall organizes posts are in response to the innovative options Circles offers its users. But the way in which it was done suggests a deeper (and, let’s admit, very clever) motive.
What do you all think?