I’ve received my schedule for SFContario, the SF convention taking place in Toronto, November 18-20 where the Aurora Awards will be presented.
Looks like Saturday, November 19 will be a busy day for me. I am on three panels plus an autograph sessions. I am hoping to also score a reading, but we’ll see.
Below is my schedule:


9PM – 11PM
AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review Party
Featuring me! (Thanks to Diane Lacey for the heads up!)


11 AM
Criticism and Critique: Critics in the 21st Century
Developments in social media and web 2.0 technology continue to blur the line between amateur and professional critics. As North American colleges and universities produce record numbers of graduates, the media consuming public is transforming itself into something that feels it ought to be included in larger critical conversations. Our panelists explore how professionals and amateurs work together to evaluate genre media.
Panelists: James Nicoll(M), John Scalzi, Matt Moore, Elizabeth Hirst

Cockpit: Rules of Engagement
An award winning indie short film written and directed by Jesse Griffith. Starring Ronny Cox (Deliverance, Robocop, Total Recall) Hellena Taylor (Bavonetta, Saboteur, Stargate Atlantis) and Karl Champley (Wasted Spaces, DIY to the Rescue) the film made its debut at Comicon as a proof of concept for a feature length screenplay. Both stories are set on the front lines of a war against an enemy that uses mind control and subversion to turn humanity against itself. After a premiere Canadian screening, this panel will explore the themes and motifs of the film as well as discussing the challenges of fast-paced story telling within the confines of a cerebral space opera format.
Panelists: Adam Shaftoe(M), J M Frey, Matt Moore
Social Media and how to use it
Writers know the internet, but not all writers take advantage of its full potential. With the emergence of social media potential readers are just a click away. What is social media about and how can it help you? What should you do and what are the pitfalls to avoid?
Panelists: Karen Dales(M), Suzanne Church, Jonathon Crowe, Matt Moore, Brett Savory
Autograph Session
With Julie Czerneda and Robert Charles Wilson
AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review will also be hosting a party, but I’m not sure yet on the timing.
More to come as I learn it.