Chelsea’s Vowel’s blog post that name checked Adam Shafote and I has been posted to the Huffington Post.
While a huge honour, I am posting this also as a bit of intentional link bait since I am credited  as “Matte Moore.” Though I have full respect for mattes and all they have done for society, it’s not my name. [UPDATE: I got in touch with Chelsea and she very quickly fixed both entries.]
And while not a huge deal, considering the other famous Matt Moores out there, I can use all the attention I can get. I’ve tried to follow up with Chelsea on this, but can’t find an email address for her.
So, if anyone out there read Chelsea’s excellent article “Sci-Fi Writer Knows More About Aboriginals Than Most Canadians” and searched for “Matte Moore” and found this post: HELLO!
If you have not read her article, go read it. While it mentions the editorial Adam and I wrote in On Spec, we play a minor role. Really, it’s about Robert J. Sawyer, his The Neanderthal Parallax trilogy and issues it explored with Native Canadians. It’s well worth a read—basically, the cultural convention that civilization equals European civilization. How we have to settle in one area and grow our population to be civilization when this is not necessarily the case.
In the meantime, a hat tip to Chelsea and glad the piece Adam and I wrote could get her thinking, inspire her to write her piece, which then got me thinking.