Please nominate my story “Ascension” for the Prix Aurora Awards (and 10 reasons why you should)

Update April 1, 2012: The nomination process for the Auroras closed at midnight on March 31, 2012. Thanks to everyone who nominated me. We’ll see if I make the ballot.

I know this is coming late, but maybe not all of my Canadian friends have submitted their nominations for the 2012 Prix Aurora Awards.

What are the Prix Aurora Awards?

The Prix Aurora Awards recognize the best in English language Canadian science fiction & fantasy.

They are Canada’s award for science fiction and fantasy, open to all Canadian residents and permanent residents who can both nominate works and vote for the finalists.  (For those of you outside Canada, “Prix” is the French word for “prize”.) Nominations are accepted for categories like best novel, best short story, best graphic novel, and more.

So what do I want you to do?

Please nominate my short story “Ascension” in the Best English Short Story category.

[UPDATE: My On Spec editorial with Adam Shaftoe “All this has happened before: Cycles in genre fiction” is also eligible in the Best Related Work category.]

Why should you do that? I’ll give you 10 good reasons:

10 reasons to nominate my short story “Ascension”

The story itself…

  1. “Ascension” is short! Only 700 words—you can read it in under 5 minutes. Why not go read it now?
  2. “Ascension”, and everything on AE, is available for free to everyone.
  3. While it is a zombie story, “Ascension” has a strong science fiction flavour, exploring a “big idea.” Not to give anything away, but what if the zombie apocalypse is the singularity?
  4. While it is a zombie story, “Ascension” does something new: it tells the story from the point of view of a zombie. And rather than the narrator descending into mindless hunger… well, the title is “Ascension” isn’t it?
  5. While it is a zombie story, it’s a great zombie story with all the tropes zombie fans could want!!! Look at this review if you don’t believe me.

Where it’s published…

  1. “Ascension” is published by AE: The Canadian Science Fiction review, which is a Canadian online magazine looking to publish Canadian authors.
  2. AE is a relatively new magazine, but it pays pro rates. Let’s reward them by having an Aurora winner on their site.

And a few things about me…

  1. Aside from being a writer, I use social mean to share what I have learned and discovered about the art and business of writing. I give back to this community.
  2. I attend all the conventions I can where I sit on panels and reach out to other writers. I do this to share what I have learned, help fans and writers, and encourage up and coming authors who are where I was a few years ago.
  3. You’d be helping a new writer get established!

Voting closes this Saturday.

To nominate, you must register as a member of the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association. Registration costs $10, it’s very simple but you are able to nominate and then vote for winners. It’s a small price to get your voice heard.

If you are an existing member, you can log into the site at

Looking for other things to nominate?

Head over to SF Canada’s list of eligible works. I recommend:

Best Short Story

  • Derek Künsken’s “To Live and Die in Gibbontown” (Asimov’s Science Fiction, October/November 2011)
  • Marie Bilodeau’s “The Legend of Gluck” (When The Hero Comes Home)

Best Novel

  • Anything by ChiZine Publications

Best Artist

  • Erik Mohr
  • Dan Driscoll

Best Fan Organizational

Sandra Kasturi and  Helen Marshall for:

  • 2011 Toronto SpecFic Colloquium: Modern Mythologies
  • The Chiaroscuro Reading Series

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