Anyone else go to use today and find the easy-to-use interface for shortening links and tweeting them had been replaced by a convoluted mess?
If so, you are not alone. The comments section for the blog post announcing this change is nearly-universally negative.
I understand the need to be innovative and expand a product. Perhaps wants to be more like Digg or Reddit. This may be the first of several steps to monetize After all, it is a free service and maybe we should all calm down about this change.
The issue, though, is that it’s not about money. It’s about trust. Like I mentioned a year and a half ago when Tumblr went down, if money had been on the line, we could ask for a refund. There would be recourse. Since it’s free, only has our trust to rely on. Break that trust, and users might leave.
I am beyond frustrated at this point after only using it twice. has always been about shortening links and then tweeting them; organizing short links as a secondary consideration. They have not only complicated this model, but inverted it. If Google’s would integrate its service with Twitter, would be buried. But since that will never happen, I hope listens to the criticism and brings back the simple, easy-to-use form.
If you have any short-cuts, alternatives or just want to vent, please post a comment.