Cover for Silverman's GameMy friend Adam Shaftoe has reviewed by ebook “Silverman’s Game” on The Page of Reviews site. A psychological thriller, “Silverman’s Game” traps three teenage boys in a basement of a remote house. Given a gun loaded with a single bullet, they are forced to play an impossible game where each choice could make them the victim or the killer.
Some highlights from the review:

“(A) perpetually tense atmosphere throughout… ‘Silverman’s Game’ is very much an effort to subvert the literary tedium that is the ‘coming of age’ narrative…. (It) revels in eviscerating a protagonist’s psyche without so much as a single physical scar. All the while it undermines any romantic notions that a reader may hold toward childhood innocence and teenage shenanigans.”

Yes, Adam and I are friends, but he cuts me no slack here. Still, overall a great review.
Silverman’s Game” was released by Damnation Books in 2010 and is available for $2.50 off their site and You can find more information the Silvermans’ Game page, including excerpts and reviews.