Even though he posted them back in April, I just found Jared Boggess’ artwork for my story “In the Shadow of Scythe” posted on his Tumblr blog Illusions of Grandeur. (“In the Shadow of Scythe” appears in issue #62 of Leading Edge Magazine.)

It’s easy for an author to say he likes artwork in an effort to promote his work. Well, I don’t like this artwork. I f**king love it! It combines gritty realism with enough abstraction to convey the emotion of the story.
“In the Shadow of Scythe” could be the most grueling story I’ve written since Silverman’s Game. Where Silverman’s Game has characters suffering at the hands of someone else, “In the Shadow of Scythe”  has a man named Archie walking through the valley of the shadow of death by his own choice. But he’s there because he walked through hell and doesn’t know another way anymore.
Jared has captured this, especially with the third picture above, showing the scene that is the emotional crux of the story.
I am so thrilled by this art and invite you all to check out Jared’s work on:

And to Jared: Thank you, brother! Hope we can cross paths sometime. Beers on me.