UPDATE: You can now view the proposed programming on Can-Con’s Facebook group. Keep in mind that it is a draft, so be nice with any comments you might have. We’re only human and trying to be fair to everyone.

I had the chance to see a draft of the programming schedule for Can-Con, Ottawa’s SF/F/H convention taking place September 21-23.
First, I will say this schedule is the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of people, but I want to single out my friend Derek Künsken, head of programming. I’ve known Derek for 5 years now and together we founded The East Block Irregulars writing group. I’ve always been impressed by his determination and organization, and those qualities have really paid off here.

 What can you expect at Can-Con?

The schedule is still in draft form, but what I saw that jumped out at me:

  • Panels on the specifics of writing science fiction (how to get the science right), horror (what’s scary and what’s a cliché) and fantasy (world-building, languages and maps)
  • Presentations by scientists and academics
  • Writers helping other writers when it comes to the business side of things
  • Fans of genre fiction discussing what they love and would recommend to others
  • Editors and publishers talking about what they do
  • Kaffeeklatsches with guests of honor Hayden Trenholm, Alan Neal and Tom Fowler
  • Readings by authors both local (like me) and from across Canada
  • Three launch parties (and maybe more!)
  • A burlesque organized by the Ottawa Browncoats

Who is coming to Can-Con?

Guest of Honour:

  • Hayden Trenholm
  • Neal Adams
  • Tom Folwer

Special Guests:

  • Marie Bilodeau
  • Leah Bobbet
  • Eric Choi
  • Sandra Kasturi
  • Brett Savory

I’m very excited by this convention and hope anyone who is reading this in Toronto, Kingston, Montreal or upstate New York will consider making the journey to Ottawa for a weekend of geeky goodness. Cost for the weekend is $50 and registration is open now, including group rates.