So, here is my obligatory post-WFC 2012 review.
First, Peter Halasz, who chaired the convention, pulled off a master piece. I am not a major fantasy fan, but I found the panels intriguing and educational. My head is still spinning with ideas.
To say nothing of the con-suite. Con-suites have been hit or miss; some well-run, others confusing jumbles of empty coolers and a tray of day-old veggies. This con-suite was always packed with fresh food, cold drinks and free cocktails. It was certainly the place to be.
Except for Saturday night, when ChiZine Publications brought the house down. Starting promptly at 9 when we opened the door and accepted the flood of party-goers into the Vice Presidential Suite. I have never been to a party so positive, so packed, so energized since university. I went to bed at 4AM and the party was still in full swing.
I know a lot has been written already and I won’t go into too many details. Just to say thanks and it was great to see so many friends again and make some new ones!