This week has been so busy I forgot to mention I had a story published in AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review. “The Pack” is a short (2,000 words) story combining dystopian military themes, horror and science fiction. This is the third story published with AE, the others being “Touch the Sky, They Say” and “Ascension“.
This story began its life at almost twice its current length, but some editing based on great feedback from editor D.F. McCourt cut it down. Then, D.F. made some more precision cuts to get it to its current length.
I won’t say too much about the story except that it has always been a zombie story in my mind. There is not a zombie to be seen, but when reading it keep that idea in mind. The themes of transformation, loss of identity and infection.
Check out the cover art below. I love this since it’s a scene that does not appear in the story, but is hinted it. The power and rage of this character is perfectly captured.

Cover art from “The Pack”. (Wish I could give credit to the artist.)