Here is my schedule for Ad Astra 2013, taking place in Toronto (or Markham as my Toronto-dwelling friends like to point out) at the Markham Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites:


10 pm: Floor 2, Suite 2
I’ll be reading “Delta Pi” and sharing the hour with fellow Ottawa writer Matthew Johnson


12 pm: Franklin
Nerd Game Show Power Hour
Sara Dhooma (m), Daryl Smith, Matt Moore, Adam Shaftoe
1 pm: Berczy A
Defining Horror
Suzanne Church (m), Michael Matheson, Rio Youers, Matt Moore
4:30 pm: Berczy B
Autograph Session


1 pm: Beaufort East
Summer Scifi Trailer Park
Sara Dhooma (m), James Bambury, Matt Moore, Adam Shaftoe
2 pm: Beaufort East
What Are Horror Authors Afraid Of?
Matt Moore (m), Suzanne Church, Rio Youers, Sandra Kasturi