A challenge I find at conventions is finding where to grab a coffee, get a bite to eat or grab a drink. So since I work downtown near the con hotel, I did some recon to try to point you in the right direction before you arrive.
The first thing to understand is downtown Ottawa tends to shut down outside of working hours and on the weekend, so even if you find something on Google Maps it might not be open. And while I’ve added store hours when I could find them, not everyplace posts its hours.

The hotel itself

The hotel is part of a buidling structure that takes up an entire city block bounded by Lyon (where the entrance to the hotel is), Slater, Kent and Laurier. The hotel’s restuarant is Prime 360, which serves good food, but can be pricey. Also, it is a popular place so might be full of a non-convention crowd.
There is a food court right off the hotel in the centre of the building complex. However, I don’t know if it will be open during the weekend.

Places to get breakfast / coffee

The hotel website says Prime 360 has a breakfast buffet, but I don’t know its cost.
There’s a Starbucks one block north on Kent and a Tim Horton’s on Slater between Kent and Bank.

Places for dinner

About a block south on Lyon is Tapas. I’ve never been there, but heard it’s good. It will be open until 10 on Friday, but only from 5-10 on Saturday.
A few blocks north and east on Albert between Kent and Bank is India Palace. It is open from 5-10 Friday and Saturday. I’ve been there and can highly recommend it.
Just around the corner on Albert is Baton Rouge. Very good food, but pricey. Maybe for a special night out.

Places for a beer

On the other side of the building complex is The Royal Oak, which is a part of a chain of bars in Ottawa. (So, if you enter “royal oak ottawa” into Google Maps you’ll get a lot of hits.) The food is reasonable in price and quality  and  you don’t have to walk too far! I’m thinking this should be the main bar for the convention.
A few blocks north and west, on Bay between Albert and Queen, is the Bay Street Bistro and the Black Bear. The Bistro is open for lunch and dinner from 11:30AM-10:00PM. The Black Bear is open from 11:00AM-2:00AM. I’ve been to both places a few years back and remember them as having decent food and prices.

What have I missed?

If you live downtown, leave a comment to let me know what places you recommend around the convention hotel (Lyon between Albert and Laurier).