I know you are asked to support Kickstarter, Indiegogo and iPetitions on a daily basis. Usually it’s something like “Help me do something that serves me (and only me) and it’ll be awesome (for me)!”
This is not about me. This is not my campaign. I won’t profit from this. It’s just something I believe in.
So here’s my pitch: You get to read more great short horror fiction from top authors in the field. I’m talking F. Paul Wilson, Jack Ketchum, Jonathan Maberry, Joe Hill and Clive Barker.

Who’s running the campaign?

Cover for the first issue of Jamais Vu – The Journal of Strange Among the Familiar

This Kickstarter is for the brand new horror journal Jamais Vu: The Journal of Strange Among the Familiar. It contains a mix of short fiction, poetry, reviews and opinion pieces. (Full disclosure: I have a piece in their debut issue, but have already been paid so won’t make money off this.) They pay 5 cents/word for fiction and comparable rates for other pieces.
But this Kickstarter is not to help them get up and running. They have a stable business model.
This Kickstarter is to help them attract the big name authors I mentioned above. But what’s in it for you? First, we have to understand the economics involved.

How the money will be used

Top writers command payments five or six times the 5 cents/word Jamais Vu offers. JV cannot afford that. But if they can raise just $450 between now and March 4, they will be able to approach big name writers to get stories. Those names on the cover will sell more issues, meaning more revenue to approach more authors.

What’s in it for you

For a long time, people said horror was dead. But emerging journals like Shadows & Tall Trees and Postscripts to Darkness are changing that by publishing smart, scary stories. Jamais Vu will push this further by commissioning new work from top authors. Think about it: every issue will have a story by a leading writer in horror. This will attract more authors and soon this magazine could be the place to find works by your favorite authors, plus up-and-comers, poetry, reviews, editorials and more.
And the cover price is just $6.99.
Science fiction and fantasy have their top-name print magazines. Let’s build one for horror.
Check out Jamais Vu: The Journal of Strange Among the Familiar to get a sense of what they publish. And if you dig it, please consider donating.