Here is my schedule for CAN-CON: The Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature, which is taking place in Ottawa on October 3-5. If you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late:
I’m looking forward to my Saturday reading, the ChiZine Publications party on Saturday night, and catching up with people I do not get to see often enough. Hope to see you there!


7PM: Readings: New utopian anthology Hieroglyph
Kathryn Cramer, Madeline Ashby, Ranylt Richildis, Robin Riopelle, Matt Moore
8PM: How to get traditionally published
Matt Moore (m), Max Turner, Matthew Johnson, Alison Sinclair, Julie Czerneda


12:30PM: Reading
I’ll read some selections from Touch the Sky, Embrace the Dark plus a bit from my story in Postscripts to Darkness: Volume 5 and maybe a work-in-progress that has conditional acceptance.
1:00PM: Reading Horror: What is scaring the $#@% out of you?
David Nickle (m), Sandra Kasturi, Sean Moreland, Matt Moore
2:00PM: Speculating specters: The history and evolution of the ghost story
Sean Moreland, Matt Moore, Derek Newman-Stille, Robin Riopelle
3:00PM: A feminist exploration of the female villain
Matt Moore (m), Derek Newman-Stille, Madeline Ashby, Liz Strange, Ranylt Richildis
9:00PM: ChiZine Publications room party


2:00PM: Stephen King’s influence and legacy
David Nickle, Madeline Ashby, Matt Moore