A few days ago I wrote about the Season 6 finale of Community and how I was ready to say good-bye to one of my favourite shows. While I would welcome a seventh season, I don’t see Yahoo! Screen doing it.
But Community’s fan have known for a while it was never about seven seasons, but #SixSeasonsAndAMovie. We have our six seasons, so would Yahoo! Screen greenlight Community: The Movie? What would it be about?
Walking home today, I had a vision of what Community: The Movie would be about. It would be about making Community: The Movie.
Abed leaves for Los Angeles at the end of Season 6. What if the movie picks up with Abed in L.A. shooting a documentary, so he stays behind the camera, where he tries to convince actors to star in a film called Community: The Movie? Lacking the time to imagine a seventh season of what’s happening to his friends, he’s written a screenplay. He approaches Joel McHale to play the strong-jawed Jeff, Alison Brie as the idealistic Annie, Donald Glover to play his best friends Troy, etc. (Despite his best efforts, Abed can’t get a meeting with Chevy Chase and Danny Pudi is not receptive to the idea of playing Abed.) In this Greendale universe, these actors never appeared on Community and there lives are much harder so they agree to star in the movie. But no one gets along and the production falls apart. Abed, in a Winger Speech, learns movies are not like real life. He concludes stating that Community, as a movie, just wouldn’t work.
As a story, it has Dan Harmon’s meta sensibilities. As a production, it could be shot as the actors are available and would only require Danny Pudi to do voice-over work since his character is the one holding the camera.
I know this is a long shot, but think it would make for a fun take on Community since the story at Greendale seems to have wrapped up. What do you think? What else should happen in Community: The Movie? Does Dan Harmon show up? Does Abed discover Greendale was never real? Does the last scene end with him entering the Study Room (and season seven of Community begins with Abed entering the study room with a camera in hand)?