I’m trying to sell my novel… and everyone says “no”!

I’ll be running a workshop at Limestone Genre Expo in Kingston, ON on May 26 – 27. It takes place on Sunday, May 27 from 3:00 – 5:00 pm in the Sir John A. Macdonald Room. This workshop is free with your pass to the convention.

Getting to “Yes” in Traditional Publishing takes a look at a common problem authors face: your novel (or short story collection or graphic novel) is done, your friends tell you it’s great, you’re making pitches and submissions… but no publisher is interested.

It might not be your work.

It might be how you are presenting yourself.

Having a great manuscript will only go so far. Publishers, editors, agents and other industry professionals want someone they can have a productive and respectful relationship with. While some might be willing to nurture your career, none will hand-hold you through the entire publishing process. Publishing is a business relationship; like any relationship, you need to meet them halfway. How you present yourself is as important (or more so) than the work you are presenting.

“Getting to ‘Yes’ in Traditional Publishing” explains what you should do for publishers and industry professionals to take you seriously and be more likely to say “yes” to your submissions and pitches.

Getting to “Yes” in Traditional Publishing
Sunday, May 27
3:00 – 5:00 pm
Sir John A. Macdonald Room

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