I’m posting summaries, background and other tidbits about some of the stories from my collection It’s Not the End and Other Lies. Minor spoilers follow, but nothing you won’t find out in the first few pages.

“The Thing That Killed Her”

Just as the zombie apocalypse threatens to destroy civilization, the zombies begin to speak. Not just a few words, but their personalities re-emerge. They’re who they always were, just in a re-animated corpse. As the senseless violence wanes, they deliver a message of hope—humanity is on the verge of evolving into something miraculous.

But the world is divided.

Some call them “Second Chancers”, eager to hear more of their message and believing they should be able to return to their families, their jobs, their lives.

For others, they are “The Infected” and should be segregated, interred or exterminated.

Alejandro Gutiérrez is a state senator in Connecticut who believes his wife is a Second Chancer being held in a camp and will do anything—even incite civil unrest—to free her. Yet there are plenty who oppose him. And Tomas’s actions could trigger a new, unstoppable zombie uprising.

“The Thing That Killed Her” mixes elements of horror, politics and science fiction in examining the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. How would (or could) society integrate sapient undead corpses into everyday life? How would politicians balance the rights of those who appear to be people with the trauma-fueled fear and hatred of the mob? And could discovering how zombies are animate without consuming fuel reveal the secrets of reality itself?

“The Thing That Killed Her” is also set in Middletown, Connecticut, a city where I lived for a year. Thought Connecticut has the image of being wealthy and white, it’s a diverse state, especially politically and I wanted to show that in the varying conservative and liberal elements within the political angle of this story.

“The Thing That Killed Her” is one of 21 stories of the bizarre, the terrifying, the all-too-near future you’ll find in It’s Not the End and Other Lies. Order now in e-book or trade paperback.