Very happy to finally announce my short story “From One, Many; From Many, One” is one of five original stories published in the relaunch of AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review. It mixes survivalism, conservationism and fundamentalism in a story about a parent’s love for his child, and how that love might have world-shaking consequences. All in a world that is an apocalypse for some, a utopia for others.

If you don’t know AE, it’s a Canadian online magazine of speculative fiction that pays pro-rates. I’ve had several stories published there, but a few years ago they were hacked and the site taken down. Then, a little over two years ago, head honcho Duff McCourt told me AE was looking to relaunch and asked me for a story. I wrote “From One, Many; From Many, One”, submitted it, and Duff liked it.

But then began a long road to rebuilt AE from the ground up. People’s lives had changed, technology had changed, Canadian spec-fic had changed. It was as if the hack had been the universe saying AE needing to keep up.

They opened to submissions. My story went into the slush pile, one of many that needed to stand on its own.

I was then asked to take on a larger role with AE than just an author. Thus began two years of discussions, reading slush, editing stories, and helping getting the magazine up and running again. Roles changed, ideas were explored and abandoned. It took some time. Longer than any of us wanted. As Dr. Ian Malcolm put it: “Life… er… finds a way.” Be it velociraptors escaping their paddock or family obligations keeping you from the slush pile. But five stories made it through, including mine, which had to earn its place.

And here we are, hopefully for a good long time, standing proudly as both a Canadian voice of speculative fiction and a pro-rate paying market.

I’m proud to be part of this issue, and prouder still to have had the chance to edit two of the other stories in this relaunch issue. You can find AE at

I hope you’ll give these stories a read and leave a comment if you feel so inclined. AE specializes in short (<3K words) stories, so you can read one a bus ride home or waiting for dinner to cook.