coverpicI’m a horror and dark science fiction writer who believes good speculative fiction can both provoke thought and reflection as well as thrill you. My work tends to explore the theme of contrasting what is monstrous with what is human.

I have published a number of short stories and poems and am the Co-Chair of ChiSeries Ottawa, a quarterly reading series of leading speculative fiction authors.

I was raised in small town New England, a place rich with legends and ghost stories, and now live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


I am very open to comments and try to reply to all of them, but reserve the right to reject or edit anything that is overly profane, off topic, ad hominem, etc.

Upcoming Appearances

Taking a break for the rest of 2016. Look for me at the next Ottawa ChiSeries (date TBD)and Ad Astra in 2017.
ChiSeries Ottawa Presents: Tanya Huff, Amal El-Mohtar, & Kate Heartfield
Oct. 18, 2016
Patty Boland's
101 Clarence Street in the Market
Ottawa, ON

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