The "Avoid Adverbs" Rule is (Very) Wrong

As a writer, you’ve heard the “rule” about never using adverbs. This rule is wrong for two reasons: There is nothing wrong with adverbs. There are no rules in writing… unless you are a weak writer. What’s wrong with adverbs? Not using adverbs is the bastard mutant off-spring of some excellent writing advice: be  precise […]

I Think I've Figured Out Why We Love Community… and It's Disturbing

It wasn’t until the Comedy Network began running Community every night that I saw the pattern. Every episode, in the first season so far at least, revolves around the group seeking Jeff’s approval. Why is this disturbing? Let’s back up. We all knew a Jeff If you’re reading this, you likely got picked on in high […]

Social Media Will Change in 2013

It’s a fad… We’ve all heard that about social media, and eBooks, the Web, television, automobiles, democracy. Anything that fundamentally changes the status quo, especially for those who are well-established in positions of power with a vested interest in how things are, is called a “fad”. We’ve had experiences (or heard about them) where a silver-haired […]

Post-Can*Con Review

Can-Con, Ottawa’s original science fiction convention, has come and gone for another year. And so here is the obligatory post-convention write-up. Who to thank First, a huge thanks to my friend and fellow East Block Irregular Derek Kunsken who organized the programming. Hat tip as well to ConComm members—Farrell McGovern, Caycee Price, and Elizabeth Buchan-Kimmerly. […]

My Can-Con 2012 Schedule

I’m thrilled to be a part of Can*Con | The Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature (Sept. 21-23). It’s Ottawa’s original science fiction convention and this year will feature a strong horror and comic book presence. Ottawa’s Mirror Comics will have a strong showing. Ottawa professors Sean Moreland and Aalya Ahmad will be promoting their horror […]