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Rebooting Voltron on Netflix, and a proposed alternate version

Today, Netflix announced they were making a new Voltron animated series. This new show will be aimed at kids, but I think they are missing an opportunity here to mine some rich material. About 10 years ago, there was a live-action film in the works that would have been set in a desolate future Earth. […]

Writing About Monsters, Part One: Powerful, but They're Not Villains

Creating a good villain and a good monster in your story is not the same thing. I discovered this while writing a story with a terrific monster, but an unsatisfying ending. I realized I was treating the monster too much like a villain. Once I realized it was a monster, and it needed some monster “rules”, did things fall into place. [Note: […]

Review: It Follows

It Follows does what few horror films do these days: give us an easy-to-understand threat, assemble likable characters, and turn the tension up to 11.

On Being in Pain

Have dealt with chronic pain for the first time, it has made me realize it is a far different condition than the sharp, immediate pain of an injury. Its mental effects should colour how you write a character who is dealing with persistent pain.

What do Viagra and Zombies Have in Common?

Back in November, I was supposed to be on a panel titled “Why Zombies, Why Now?” Unfortunately, I’d fallen ill (which is ironic considering the premise of this post) and could not attend. Thinking about the topic, the answer to the question “Why zombies, why now?” isn’t that zombies are metaphors for our fear of […]

How to Kill Your Characters

I recently ran across an outline for an old story I didn’t write. A long piece, it had multiple characters and not all of them lived to the end. It’s a good thing I didn’t write. From the outline, it was obvious which characters would die right from the beginning. They had two common characteristics: They […]