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We’re halfway to #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

Thanks to Dan Harmon for posting this to Twitter: I challenge all true Community fans to watch this and not shed a tear. I had been preparing a post about how my writing is not where I want (i.e., need) it to be and my jealousy of those going to WorldCon in Chicago. But this […]

Review of “Silverman’s Game” on The Page of Reviews

My friend Adam Shaftoe has reviewed by ebook “Silverman’s Game” on The Page of Reviews site. A psychological thriller, “Silverman’s Game” traps three teenage boys in a basement of a remote house. Given a gun loaded with a single bullet, they are forced to play an impossible game where each choice could make them the […]

Two Ways to Help #SaveCommunity

I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my blog post about the meaning of the #sixseasonsandamovie hashtag. People have left comments and tweeted me that the post has meant a lot to them. Even after a week, it shows no signs of losing popularity. So, I hope I can do more than explain—I can […]

What is the Meaning of #SixSeasonsAndAMovie?

[UPDATED DECEMBER 10, 2013: I wrote this post moments after the season 3 finale of Community, thinking it was over. But now we have Season 5 coming up in January! I am glad to see #sixseasonsandamovie lives on as a hashtag. This post was my attempt to explain what it meant, why it was important, […]

I'll have a 100-character story (Twabble) on the Drabblecast!

I learned this evening that my 100-character story (not counting spaces), called a “twabble”, will appear on The Drabblecast: Strange Stories for Strange Listeners. The story, in its entirety, is: “1000 bucks to hunt zombies in your park? Where’d you get them?” “We started with 22. The rest were like you. Customers.” Yup, that’s it. […]

Community Season (Series?) Finale – How It Could Have Ended

[I wrote this post before watching tonight’s episode, so the Greendale Seven’s expulsion from Greendale kinda puts a crimp in this post. So, please just go with it and take it for the humour it’s intended as.] It’s possible Community may meet its demise at the end of this, its third, season. Over on the […]

Great Quote on Horror from John Truby

In a review of 28 Days Later, American writer, director and screenwriting teacher John Truby said: Good horror takes this reduction of characters and makes it positive. It asks: What is human? And can this human quality be maintained in a world where everyone is desperate and induced to be an animal, ie going beyond even […]