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What You Should Bring with You to a Convention

Having been to a lot of conventions recently, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned and what you should bring with you when travelling to a con. Extra Change of Clothes – Everything: shirts, pants, underwear, socks. You never know if something might get spilled on you. Or, you spend the day running all over the hotel—to […]

New Podcast and Good News for Undead Tales 2

Dark Fiction Magazine, a UK podcast, has posted my story “The Machinery of Government“ as part of Issue 11. The podcast is about 30 minutes long and has a great reading by Danny Davies who brings real sense of terror to the piece. Set in Ottawa, it’s about a newly-minted cabinet minister who must choose between […]

Pre-order Torn Realities Anthology to Get Free Shipping

Torn Realities, an anthology of Lovecraft-inspired stories, is now available for pre-order from Post Mortem Press. It’s $16 (US), but are offering free shipping to the US and Canada if you pre-order now. This is a limited time offer and will not be offered once the book has come back from the printers. My story […]

Guest Blog – Matt Moore

This is a guest blog post I did for Armand Rosamilia the same day I ran my interview with him. In it, I talk about zombie fiction and why it does not get the same attention as vampires.

Great Book Trailer – The Return Man

Just watched this book trailer on YouTube and wanted to share. I know nothing about The Return Man or its author V.M. Zito, but am very impressed by the trailer. It delivers: An atmosphere of where the story is set A sense of what the plot of the story is without over-explaining it Leaves enough unexplained […]

A zombie's right to vote

I have to share this. This is taken from a debate among seven real Republican presidential candidates in Arizona. During the debate, the question of whether zombies should have the right to vote was asked. Three of the seven raise their hands. I post this because a zombie’s right to vote—and if they might still […]

New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

The new full-length trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man is now online on YouTube. At first glance, I am not as excited by this as I thought I would be. The first and obvious reason is why go back to Peter Parker’s origin as Spidey? Sam Raimi did that brilliantly in his Spider-Man (2002). I know, I […]