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Community Season (Series?) Finale – How It Could Have Ended

[I wrote this post before watching tonight’s episode, so the Greendale Seven’s expulsion from Greendale kinda puts a crimp in this post. So, please just go with it and take it for the humour it’s intended as.] It’s possible Community may meet its demise at the end of this, its third, season. Over on the […]

Great Quote on Horror from John Truby

In a review of 28 Days Later, American writer, director and screenwriting teacher John Truby said: Good horror takes this reduction of characters and makes it positive. It asks: What is human? And can this human quality be maintained in a world where everyone is desperate and induced to be an animal, ie going beyond even […]

What You Should Bring with You to a Convention

Having been to a lot of conventions recently, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned and what you should bring with you when travelling to a con. Extra Change of Clothes – Everything: shirts, pants, underwear, socks. You never know if something might get spilled on you. Or, you spend the day running all over the hotel—to […]

New Podcast and Good News for Undead Tales 2

Dark Fiction Magazine, a UK podcast, has posted my story “The Machinery of Government“ as part of Issue 11. The podcast is about 30 minutes long and has a great reading by Danny Davies who brings real sense of terror to the piece. Set in Ottawa, it’s about a newly-minted cabinet minister who must choose between […]

Pre-order Torn Realities Anthology to Get Free Shipping

Torn Realities, an anthology of Lovecraft-inspired stories, is now available for pre-order from Post Mortem Press. It’s $16 (US), but are offering free shipping to the US and Canada if you pre-order now. This is a limited time offer and will not be offered once the book has come back from the printers. My story […]

Guest Blog – Matt Moore

This is a guest blog post I did for Armand Rosamilia the same day I ran my interview with him. In it, I talk about zombie fiction and why it does not get the same attention as vampires.

Great Book Trailer – The Return Man

Just watched this book trailer on YouTube and wanted to share. I know nothing about The Return Man or its author V.M. Zito, but am very impressed by the trailer. It delivers: An atmosphere of where the story is set A sense of what the plot of the story is without over-explaining it Leaves enough unexplained […]