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Review: The Walking Dead – Season 2

Update March 19, 2011: I’ve posted a review of the second half of Season 2 AMC’s The Walking Dead wrapped up the first half of its second season, leaving me wanting more. Not just more episodes, but more oomph. When did the air go out of this show? [Minor spoilers follow, but nothing major.] Hershel’s […]

Review: Kevin Smith's Horror Movie Red State

SUMMARY JUDGEMENT: Red State is a horror movie in the vein of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original) and The Devil’s Rejects—a grueling, non-supernatural tale of the horrors people can inflict on one another. And like them, it deserves to be a cult classic. (This review is spoiler free.) Ironically, on election day in Ontario […]

New Article on Page of Reviews

I have an article up on Adam Shaftoe’s Page of Reviews about the divisions and definitions in genre literature, and why it might be time for us to start thinking about what makes a good story rather than fighting over whether it is or isn’t sci-fi. It begins: In August, AE: The Canadian Science Fiction review published […]

My article on "Dark SF" available on

An article I wrote for AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review entitled “Not in Utopia Anymore: The Rise of Dark SF” is now available. It covers what I think “dark sf” means: rather than idealism, a realism in science fiction that reflects the cynical, postmodern world we live in. If you enjoy the post, let […]

Why I wrote “Touch the Sky, They Say”

Thanks to everyone who’s voted for “Touch the Sky, They Say” in the 2011 Aurora Awards. It means a lot. If you haven’t voted, you can do so up until October 15. I’ve posted details on how to vote. That enough of you took the time to nominate it and shared your thoughts on this blog […]