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Review of my story "Ascension" on The Page of Reviews

Over on his Page of Reviews website, Adam Shaftoe has reviewed my latest story “Ascension” (which can be read on AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review). Adam begins with: What to say about Ascension? I suppose I could come out and say that it is the best piece of horror fiction that I’ve ever read.  Although, I’ve […]

Review: Cowboys & Aliens

Adam Shaftoe has posted my review of Cowboys & Aliens over on his Page of Reviews website. A quick preview: Alien exploitation of Earth’s natural resources as a metaphor for the white conquest of Native American cultures. A blending of the American Western and Science Fiction themes of utopian visions, including the sacrifices needed to […]

Great Reviews of Tesseracts Thirteen and Tesseracts Fourteen

A review of a number of books, which will appear in Cemetery Dance #66, included Tesseracts Thirteen and Tesseracts Fourteen (you’ll need to scroll down), giving special mention to my stories in each anthology. About my story in Tesseracts Thirteen, “The Weak Son,” they called it “a welcome variation on the traditional ghost story, with an Alzheimerish twist […]

Thoughts & Theories on The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Seen the new trailer for the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises? If not, watch it on Facebook or below since spoilers will follow. Great story telling & teasing First, setting it up as Nolan’s last Batman film tells us all bets are off. Characters can die. Batman might be stopped. Knowing that Bane, the man […]

What Thor Taught Me About Character Motivation

I saw Thor Thursday night. While a fun popcorn flick, it’s not up to the level of Iron Man. What’s more, I have no idea why some characters did what they did. As a writer, this bugs me. Plot Summary (This is a spoiler-free review. Anything I reveal you’ll have seen in the trailers or […]