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How to Write Flash Fiction

Greetings to readers from Full Sail University! I see a lot of you are visiting this page. Is it part of a course? I’m very curious to know. Please leave a comment to let me know and suggest anything else you’d want to see. Thanks! -Matt Flash fiction—generally defined as stories 1,000 words or less—is […]

Please nominate me for Drabble of the Year

The Drabblecast is open (until tomorrow, sorry for he late notice) for Peoples Choice Award. You can nominate my drabble, “The Wall of Gloves,” and entering it in the comments of the forums. Thanks for your support.

To Write Horror, You Must Be Horrified

If you write horror, you know that sometimes it can be fun. The set-up, misdirection, the monsters and mayhem, blood and gore. There is fun in horror writing and readers often share in that fun. But the question to ask is: Do you want readers to have fun? Think about the over-the-top slapstick gore of Evil […]

Recommended Interview with John Joseph Adams

I listen to The Dragon Page Cover to Cover, a great podcast about writing that talks about all angles: “the craft,” the business side of being a writer, understanding the publishing industry, etc. They recently interviewed John Joseph Adams and I highly recommend listening to it. In it, Mr. Adams talks about editing anthologies, the […]

Please Nominate me for the Prix Aurora Awards

I am putting my short story “Touch the Sky, They Say” (AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review) up for the Prix Aurora Awards and I need your help. I am asking you to please nominate my story. Nominations can be made by any Canadian and it’s free to do so. What’s the Prix Aurora Awards? […]

Horror Writing: How to Write a Scary Story

I recently listened to “The Nimble Men” by Glen Hirshberg on Pseudopod. While I enjoy a lot of what Pseudopod produces, this story struck me as especially effective at telling a good horror story and worth taking a deeper look at how Hirshberg did it. (Spoilers follow.) What’s the Story About? The story is told […]

Save the Sunburst Compilation Video

I took part in an effort to help save The Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic. I’m the really intense one in the black t-shirt. Also in this video are Gord Zajac, Andrew Davidson, Lorna Toolis, Cory Doctorow, Laura Marshall, Helen Marshall, Claude Lalumiere, Julie Czerneda, John Clute, Diane Walton, Nicholas Ruddick and […]

Short Story in AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review

My short story “Touch the Sky, They Say” is now available (for free) on the new online science fiction magazine AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review. A short piece, it has already received some positive attention. Specifically mentioned in the Letter from the Editors, it was called a “tremendous” example of the power of […]

Genre is the New Literature

Once upon, literature told us about what it meant to be human. Tales of struggles amongst the under class (or ruling class), in the modern day or distant past explored love, jealousy and the power of the human spirit to overcome all challenges. At the same time, genre fiction was the stuff of boy’s adventures […]

Save the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic

Here’s my contribution in an effort to help save the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, an award for Canadian writers of speculative fiction. In partnership with the Toronto SpecFic Colloquium, the Sunbursts are looking for 30-second to 2-minute videos from people sharing their thoughts on Canadian speculative fiction. Entries are posted to their YouTube channel […]