“A Shame That Binds Our Hearts, Binds Our Fate” On Spec, Issue #102

“Innocence Prolonged, And Overcome” Lazarus Risen, Bundoran Press, ed. Hayden Trenholm & Michael Rimar

“Spinner of Singularities” Polar Borealis Magazine, Issue #3


“As Below, So Above” Second Contacts, Bundoran Press, ed. Hayden Trenholm & Michael Rimar

“One Last Drop Of Blood To Remember Me By” Eulogies III, HW Press, ed. Christopher Jones, Nanci Kalanta & Tony Tremblay

  • Long listed in honorable mentions, The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 8


“Balance” Postscripts to Darkness, Volume 5

“Of the Endangered” Leading Edge Magazine, Issue #65

“Procrastination’s Joy” Jamais Vu, Issue 1

“There is a Wall” Jitter (Issue #2), Prolific Press

“You’re A Winner!” Night Terrors III, Blood Bound Books, ed. Marc Ciccarone, Theresa Dillon & G. Winston Hyatt


“The Leaving” Blood Rites, Blood Bound Books, ed. Marc Ciccarone


“But It’s Not The End” Undead Tales 2, Rymfire Books, ed. Mark Lewis

“Delta Pi” Torn Realities, Post Mortem Press, ed. Paul Anderson

“In the Shadow of Scythe” Leading Edge Magazine, Issue #62

“The Pack” AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review

“That Which Does Not Kill You” Fear the Abyss, Post Mortem Press, ed. Eric Beebe

“They Told Me to Shuffle Off This Mortal, Infinite Loop” Title Goes Here, Issue #12


“Ascension” AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review

“The Avatar Of SensationReveller986” The Dribblecast


“The Machinery of Government” Tesseracts Fourteen, Edge, ed. John Robert Colombo & Brett Alexander Savory

“Silverman’s Game” Damnation Books

“Touch the Sky, They Say” AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review

  • Nominated for the 2011 Prix Aurora Award, Best English Short Story
  • Reprinted in Unconventional Fantasy, A Celebration of Forty Years of the World Fantasy Convention

“Wall of Gloves” The Drabblecast #162


“The Weak Son” Tesseracts Thirteen, Edge, ed. Nancy Kilpatrick & David Morrell

“While Gabriel Slept” Night Terrors, Blood Bound Books, ed. Theresa Dillon


“Full Moon Hill” On Spec, Issue #71

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