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Why you should dontate to 49th Parallels from Bundoran Press

Below, I’m going to encourage you to support Bundoran Press’ Indigogo campaign for 49th Parallels—their latest anthology of science fiction. But I’ll start by saying: I don’t think crowdfunding is a stable or reliable business model for publishers. There comes a point where readers say: “Why do I need to pay for something that you, as a business, […]

Story to Appear in Bundoran Press's Lazarus Risen

I’m pleased to tell you that I will have a story in Bundoran Press’s new anthology Lazarus Risen. Continuing Bundoran’s line of anthologies exploring how certain concepts or technologies might affect society and humanity, Lazarus Risen explores science-based immortality. From the submission guidelines: Lazarus Risen will seek SF (no fantasy or horror, please) short stories that explore the […]

Support Bundoran Press' new anthology Second Contact

I’ve asked you before to support a publisher’s Kickstarter campaign. Now I’m asking you to support Bundoran Press’ anthology Second Contacts. It’s about the immediate, short-term effects contact with an alien race would have, and how a second contact would change us. Rather than crippling invasions, enslavement or enlightenment, the possibilities are themes I love—disruption, angst, societal conflict. I want to see this happen, and I hope you’ll join me in donating.