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Why you should dontate to 49th Parallels from Bundoran Press

Below, I’m going to encourage you to support Bundoran Press’ Indigogo campaign for 49th Parallels—their latest anthology of science fiction.

But I’ll start by saying: I don’t think crowdfunding is a stable or reliable business model for publishers. There comes a point where readers say: “Why do I need to pay for something that you, as a business, should have the money to produce?”

I’ll also say that I have supported and appeared in anthologies that have benefited from crowdfunding.

And here’s why.

First, the publishing business is becoming more and more challenging. Sometimes there needs to be a show of support from fans before publishers will take a leap of faith and publish. Also, short story collections and anthologies do not sell as well as novels.

And yet, it’s short story collections that provide readers a better option. Novels and collections by a single author are all or nothing. An anthology, especially a themed anthology, offers you many voices—a few of them are bound to resonate with you and make you believe your money was well spent.

This is where the Indiegogo campaign for 49th Parallels comes in. Bundoran has produced award-winning anthologies around thought-provoking ideas like life extension through technology, life on Earth 50 years after contact with aliens, and the effects of resource scarcity. 49th Parallels will examine how the world would be changed if Canada had been different sometime in the past. Think about it: Often, alternate timeline fiction has revolved around major powers. But Canada, a soft power, has influenced the world on many levels, but levels that don’t often make it into mainstream history.

49th Parallels will happen with or without the Indiegogo campaign’s success. What the campaign does is increase the rates Bundoran will pay for stories. Higher rates will attract the interest of leading science fiction authors who their livings from their writing. Do you want to see these leading voices sharing their visions of a future where Canada’s role in world events had a major impact? That is what donations will lead to: sharp minds, big ideas and amazing stories.

This campaign is not asking you to take a financial risk that business will not, but to attract the amazing stories we all hope to find in science fiction. I hope you will consider supporting it.


Help Some Good Causes This Holiday Season

I know times are tough and writer-types are not rolling in dough, but I hope someone out there can help out three worthy causes.

Ottawa bookseller Collected Works looking for a buyer

Collected Works is a bookstore in Ottawa just west of the downtown core. It has been very good to Ottawa’s specfic community. But recently, owners Christopher and Craig posted to Facebook they are looking for a buyer. The price is only $1.00, but the new owner would need to take on liabilities. If they don’t have a buyer by December 24, they will be closing the store.

Times are tough and I hope a buyer can come through. I know it’s doubtful a buyer will see this post, but I’m asking if you’d please spread the word.

Help turn Michael Kelly’s Apparitions 2 from dream to reality

Michael Kelly, who has edited the Chilling Tales anthologies (Edge) and the dark fiction journal Shadows & Tall Trees (Undertow) is turning to Indiegogo to fund a second volume of Apparitions. The first volume was a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award.

Michael has already lined up stories from Glen Hirshberg, Kathe Koja, John Langan, Sarah Langan, Mark Morris, Reggie Oliver, M. Rickert and Simon Strantzas. If funds can be raised, there will also be an open reading period from Feb. 1–28, 2013. But Michael needs to hit his $5,000 goal by January 15, 2013.

Michael is an amazing editor and put together some great works. He’s also a great dude in his own right. Help him out?

fearfulEllen Datlow and ChiZine Publications team-up for a Kickstarter-funded anthology

Editor extraordinaire Ellen Datlow has turned to Kickstarter to fund a new horror anthology Fearful Symmetries. Set for publication in 2014, Ellen has tapped ChiZine Publications to produce the book.

“This project is close to my heart,” says Datlow, “which is why I’ve decided to appeal to the public through Kickstarter. And while I have a stable of writers whose work I love, I want to give a chance to new talent that I may not be aware of. I want them to write the stories they’ve always wanted to and perhaps couldn’t because there was no venue for them.”

This campaign has to raise $25,000 by January 10 for it to happen. I know that’s a lot, but it goes to editing, layout, design and production costs. And they’re offering some great pledge options. They’ve already raised about $5K as I write this, so they’re on their way but need your help.

Okay, I’ve asked for enough of your money. Even if you can’t spare anything this close to Christmas, please spread the word.

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