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Why Disney’s Lack of Rey Figures Hurts Boys and Girls

My friend Kari Maaren—author, filker and professor—has a challenge for Disney and the Disney Store: give us more Rey toys.

We have heard this argument, but Kari makes a point I have not yet heard before: It’s not just important for little girls to see themselves in toys, but little boys, too. Kids make up stories using action figures/dolls. (I know I did.) And play in all species is a way to practice skills one will need as an adult.

So a way for little boys to recognize women as equals and have agency is to incorporate them into their play, and therefore their stories, during formative years.

Please give her video a watch and share it!


My Blog Hop Challenge from Marie Bilodeau

Last Friday, Marie Bilodeau tagged me in her blog hop, where authors answer questions they received and challenge three more authors to answer a new set up questions. Think of it like a specfic Ponzi scheme.

She challenged Hayden Trenholm, Geoff Gander and me. Check out Hayden’s and Geoff’s reply.

But unlike her questions, I received four questions that make me think Marie was huffing glue while chugging Robitussin®.

So, here we go:

1. What research would you conduct to write a scene in which squirrels become the sole proprietors of the Febreeze Empire?

Febreeze “Empire”? Now that is fiction. So, I would look into commercial oligopolies in markets where companies have manufactured a need to justify their existence. As well, I’d tried to find sales figures to try to reasonably explain their growing market dominance and what cultural events led to the high demand for air freshener. Perhaps some disaster led to things smelling bad.

2. If you could conjure one mythical creature to finish a book for you, which one would get to select the ending and why?

Elves because they are perfect and therefore would not make tpyos.

3. Bigfoot sex. Discuss.

Bigfoot is not real. Ergo, Bigfoot sex is not real. (End of discussion.)

4. What would you need to do to become the most prolific writer ever (can include crimes, questionable science and lack of morality).

Get a bunch of elves together to type my books and consult on story structure. I mean, they’re perfect. They could have a cut of the royalties in exchange for me not revealing their existence. They could live at my in-laws’ cottage since they seem to like living in trees or some kind of crap like that. However, not everyone likes elves as Kari Maaren points out:

Next week, I’ve tagged Adam Shaftoe, Samantha Beiko and Michael Matheson to answer my questions!

I’ll be Reading at ChiSeries Toronto on September 11

I’ll be at ChiSeries Toronto this Wednesday, September 11 along with Caitlin Sweet and Sèphera Girón, plus music by Kari Maaren.

After starting up ChiSeries here in Ottawa, this is my first time reading at the original event, which kicked off in 2010.

The event starts at 8PM and will take place at ROUND in Toronto:

152a Augusta Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 2L5

If you’re in Toronto, please stop on by!

Event on Facebook

Upcoming Appearances

Limestone Genre Expo – Guest
May 26 – 27, 2017
Holiday Inn Waterfront
Kingston, ON
Can*Con 2018 – Special Guest
Oct. 12 – 14, 2017
Sheraton Ottawa Hotel
Ottawa, ON

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