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2016 Limestone Genro Expo schedule

I’ll be attending the Limestone Genre Expo next weekend and my full schedule is below. When I’m not on panel, you’ll probably find me behind the ChiZine Publications‘ dealers table. CZP is the publisher guests of honour this year and it’s my privilege to represent them.

This is Limestone’s second year and it shows no signs of stopping! It’s a great and growing convention in Kingston, Ontario so I hope you can make it out.

The two-day schedule is on their website and online registration is available until July 21, so go sign-up!


10:00 – 11:00: Where is Fantasy taking the modern reader?
I’ll be moderating a panel with Tanya Huff, Violette Malan, Sean Moreland, Kit Daven, Nancy Baker and Marie Bilodeau


11:00 – 12:00: Far Out: What’s happening in Science Fiction?
I’ll be moderating this panel with Nina Munteanu, Kate Heartfield, Charlotte Ashley, Ira Nayman, Andrew Barton and Derek Kunsken

2:00 – 3:00: What Horror trends are scaring you these days?
I’ll be on this panel with David Nickle, Karen Dales, Alyssa Cooper, James Moran and Sean Moreland with moderator Evan May


My Can-Con 2012 Schedule

I’m thrilled to be a part of Can*Con | The Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature (Sept. 21-23). It’s Ottawa’s original science fiction convention and this year will feature a strong horror and comic book presence.

Ottawa’s Mirror Comics will have a strong showing. Ottawa professors Sean Moreland and Aalya Ahmad will be promoting their horror anthology Postscripts to Darkness. And my friend and horror writer Lydia Peever (Nightface) will be hitting a few panels.

My friend Derek Kunsken has been busting his butt to put together this year’s programming. Finally locked down, below are the panels I will be sitting on. Odd note: I am moderating every panel I am on. Fear my moderating fury!

If you want to come to Can*Con, you can still register on the Can*Con site.

Saturday, September 22


OMG! There are 3 scifi/fantasy writers groups in Ottawa! Let’s make more!
Geoff Gander, Matt Moore (m), Leslie Brown, Jennifer Michaud


Horror Reading: What works of horror are scaring the @&%# out of you?
Aalya Ahmad, Brett Savory, Matt Moore (M), Sandra Kasturi, Sean Moreland


I’ll be reading my 2013 Aurora Award-eligible short story “Delta Pi” from Torn Realities.


What should writers aim to get from marketing?
Matt Moore (m), Leah Bobet, Marie Bilodeau, Allan Isfan


ChiZine Publications Party
Brett Alexander Savory, Sandra Kasturi, John Park, me and ALL THE COOL PEOPLE!

Sunday, September 23


Flash Fiction
Matt Moore (m), Marie Bilodeau, Jennifer Michaud


Marketing Magazines: Audience advice to publishers
Matt Moore (m)
Advice Receivers: Leah Bobet, Paul Jarvey, Allan Isfan

The Rest of My Experience at World Horror Convention 2011

After writing the above post, I have lunch with a good deal of the CZP crew—Brett, Sandra, Helen, Laura, Brent, Bob, Mike. I think Nick Kaufmann was there, too. Apologies if I left anyone out.

After lunch, I went to the Genre Mash-ups and Commonwealth Horror panels. I had some time on my own, so I went for a quick swim with my wife, hung out with Brent and Bob where we talked about Ass Goblins of Auschwitz, and eventually my wife and I went out to dinner at a Mexican place next to the hotel where we gorged on delicious meal.

After dinner,  hung out in the mass autograph sessions where I probably could have sat with copies of some anthologies I was in,  but had too much fun cruising around the room, talking to everyone. Ironically, when the session wrapped up, the CZP crew (with my wife and I in tow) went back to the same Mexican place for  dinner.

Finally making it back to the hotel, we hung around the Cutting Block press party, but it was getting late, I was in the beginning stages of a cold and the sheriff’s office was already on hand in the pre-shut-it-down phase, so I turned in.

Sunday came too soon and it was time to say good-bye. Our flights back home to Ottawa were routine with the exception of horrific treatment at the hands of United Airlines, which I will never fly again and my wife describes in a Facebook Note. To put it bluntly: If you have a handicap and carry medical equipment that you must carry on to avoid damage, well you can go fuck yourself.

So, it’s a week later, I’m feeling the effects of a cold/conplague, and WHC2011 is a wonderful memory of friends, heat, humidity, and jokes so foul they dare not be repeated.

If I first met you at World Horror Con or I’ve known you for a while and we hung out, thanks for sharing some time with me. It was blast!

Ad Astra ’10

Had a great, but exhausting, time at Ad Astra this weekend.


Arrived around 5:30 and got settled in, wandering the lobby and meeting friends I’d not seen since WorldCon in August or Ad Astra ’09.

I kicked off the con at 8, moderating the “Critiquing Groups” panel with old friends David Nickle and Suzanne Church and new friends Megan Crewe and Lorne Kates. This group was a lot of fun, with each panellists bringing a slightly different take on and experience with critiquing groups.

At 10, I moderated the “Grassroots on Virtual Soil” panel about using online tools to market yourself and make connections as a writer with Justine Lewkowicz, Cathy Palmer-Lister and CZP author Douglas Smith. Though it started a little slow (thankfully, I had an agenda to keep us going), we quickly picked up steam, covering different tools and tactics one can use online, and we ran about 10 minutes long—thankfully we were the last panel so no one came to kick us out.

I then retired to the Green Room, where a good chunk of the CZP family had taken over part of the room and stayed up to much too late.


The 11 o’clock ChiZine Publications Panel felt a lot earlier than it was, but it was the first time CZP staff and authors have come together in such a large group. Representing CZP was:

  • Brett Alexander Savory
  • Sandra Kasturi
  • Gemma Files
  • David Nickle
  • Claude Lalumière
  • Douglas Smith
  • Helen Marshall
  • Laura Marshall
  • Erik Mohr
  • And yours truly

With Bob Boyczuk out in the audience.

After lunch with friends, I went for a swim with my wife and was then off to the 3 o’clock panel for The East Block Irregulars (Hayden Trenholm, Derek Kunsken, Elizabeth Westbrook-Trenholm, Marie Bilodeau, Peter Atwood and me). It felt a bit self-indulgent, but the EBI has been a strong and effective critiquing group and I think the audience learned a lot from how we’ve run ourselves.

After flaking out for a bit and supper with Doug Smith, the CZP Launch Party started at 7 with readings from David Nickle, Claude Lalumière, Gemma Files and Douglas Smith. I went up to the bar to grab a drink, but ran into the East Block Irregulars and stayed with them for a bit before heading back up to the Green Room, where again I stayed later than I should. But, I got to talk to some people I hadn’t had the chance to like Michael Rowe, Gemma Files and Michael Kelly.


I passed the morning in the dealer’s room with Brett Savory, making rude jokes and talking about next steps for CZP (which are not mutually exclusive topics!). At noon, I moderated the “Writing & Time Management” panel with Suzanne Church, Sephera Giron, Eileen Bell and Michael Rowe. This panel, which I had pictured as being about “trying writing while waiting for the laundry to finish in the dryer” or “Set deadlines and stick to them” quickly evolved to something else: The idea that writers do have the time, but the internal critic tells them “This is a waste” and “You’re no good.” It’s hard to capture, but the panellist really got at the heart of what it means to be a writer. You have to want it and be willing to sacrifice other things. If you can do that, writers will find the time. Otherwise, if you don’t truly want to be a writer, you will keep making excuses.

The “Publicity – The Good, The Bad and the Bonkers” panel with Kelley Armstrong, Peter Watts and Carolyn Clink was a bit more upbeat, trading amusing stories of publicity gone wrong and publicity gone right.

When that panel wrapped up, I said some quick good-byes and was back on the road to Ottawa, where I managed to get some much-needed rest.

Upcoming Appearances

Limestone Genre Expo – Guest
May 26 – 27, 2017
Holiday Inn Waterfront
Kingston, ON
Can*Con 2018 – Special Guest
Oct. 12 – 14, 2017
Sheraton Ottawa Hotel
Ottawa, ON

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